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Easy Peasy Character Cake

Every mom seems to go all out when it comes to birthdays. I have seen some parties that could rival the cost of my wedding! With my youngest about to turn 2 at the end of this month I've been thinking about birthday themes and how to keep it reasonable when it comes to price while still being fun and unique.

Last year we went with a Sesame Street theme since my LO (little one) is O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with all things Elmo. Now I am definitely not one looking to break the bank on a one year old's party that - let's be real- she isn't even going to remember! So here's what I did to keep it low budget without it looking that way.

You can see my sweet Dollar Store utensils for the party next to that sweet babe!

Firstly, the Dollar Store is your friend! People tend to forget all the great stuff you can get there! I got red, blue and yellow crate paper to hang around my house and red paper plates and cups with yellow plastic forks. This helped reflect the theme.

Next, Party City or any party store has all the cute theme stuff but at what cost? I went and just got a few (minimal) Sesame street cut outs and only one small package of plates with Elmo on them to intersperse with the red plates so that it all blended with the theme but at a minimal price.

Lastly the cake- I've seen people spend ridiculous amounts of money on what is essentially flour and sugar (two very inexpensive ingredients). When the cake is the focal point in the party decor you want it to be spectacular and what you're essentially paying for is the time and effort put into making one. I am not super artsy and do not have the patience or the time to do something that's going to take hours. So here's my sweet little cheats for how I made our cute Elmo cake with minimal effort.

Box Cake Mix - That's right. I am not ashamed. It took out a big chunk of time and no one was going to notice! Plus I made homemade frosting and that was what made the cake a wow factor.

Next, instead of piping on the frosting to create the texture of his fur (that would have taken FOREVER) I just spread the red frosting on the cake and threw on red sprinkles to create the illusion and texture of fur. It worked great!

Last I used candy melts from Hobby Lobby and just heated them up and used a spoon to put the melted candy on wax paper and into the eyes and nose shape. The black for the eyes and mouth was just icing gel that you buy at the grocery store. The whole decorating process took maybe 20 min max and everyone was impressed. Especially the birthday girl which is really all that matters, right?

Her first look at the cake

And there you have it!

I do apologize I don't have more detailed pictures of the steps but this was done a year ago.

Stay tuned for this years theme!